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ABCIP The lancet oncology

Recently, the ABCIP board published a comment in the Lancet Oncology regarding the working methods of our ABCIP platform. Click here to read the full article.

Doctors treating a patient with a cancer diagnosis during pregnancy or an oncology patient with a fertility-related question can register their cases anonymously and free of charge on the ABCIP platform. They are asked to fill out a form with: 1) oncological diagnostic information; 2) In the case of cancer during pregnancy: obstetric information and the patient's wish regarding pregnancy preservation; 3) their proposed treatment for their patient (in non-pregnant setting) and 4) specific questions for the advisory group.

The case is then circulated in the ABCIP and discussed in a secure forum. The advisory group carefully considers, among other things, 1) the clinical situation; 2) possible fetotoxic exposure [radiotherapy, use of radioactive molecules, systemic cytotoxic/modulatory treatment, or (pelvic) surgery]; 3) impact of pregnancy on maternal oncological outcome and 4) impact of maternal disease, oncological treatment and risk of maternal death on the child's obstetric and pediatric outcome.

All expert opinions and additional knowledge from international registries, such as the International Network on Cancer, Infertility and Pregnancy, are collected and a recommendation letter is drafted with rationale and relevant references that, after approval by the whole opinion group, is delivered to the requesting physician.